Codecraft Works offers a variety of live Instructor-let virtual learning programs year round that teach different computer programming languages while building critical STEM knowledge and experience. Our programs are organized by age group and include progressive levels that act as a baseline for getting started no matter the students age! We have beginners who 6 years old, and through partnerships some start at 26 years old. We believe it is awesome to start learning at any age!

When looking to choose a program for a student or your child, find the suggested age range of the program. Then, if you are new to Codecraft Works or a new coder, pick a Level 1 course. If you are a student with prior experience, and have completed one or more Level 1 classes, you may move on and choose a Level 2 or above course. Best case, students enroll and enjoy 1 or 2 Level 1 courses, and then move on to taking one or two Level 2 courses, etc with peers in their similar age range.

Level 1

Starting from the very beginning these programs introduce computational thinking, sequential thinking, creative problem solving, and efficiency through animation and story telling projects. Level 1 students are introduced to the foundational concepts of computer science. These programs are best for coding-curious students who want to begin their journey and hone emerging programming skills. Some Level 1 courses use blocks of code, so the ability to type accurately is less important, however for older beginners, keyboards and typing are often required.

Level 2

Perfect for students looking to take the next step in their coding journey, Level 2 programs will introduce the fundamentals of front-end web development and professional coding languages like CSS, JavaScript, and Python. These programs are ideal for students who are well practiced in the basics and are eager to learn more. Keyboards and typing are always required.

Level 3

Ready for the next challenge? Level 3 students explore exciting topics like Machine Learning, Game Development and more. These programs are best for students who have participated in Codecraft Level 1 and Level 2 programs, want to learn more about front end web app development, harness the power of JavaScript web APIs, and Python libraries. 

Below are some of the most popular subjects we teach:

  • Web Development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Most websites these days involve these three programming languages in some way. HTML and CSS are responsible for the structure and style of the page while JavaScript is primarily responsible for logic and sometimes animations. Our students love using a combination of all three to create interactive personal web pages, games, and art projects!

  • Scratch - Scratch is a block-based programming language designed to make learning computer science concepts more accessible to beginners and younger students.

  • Cybersecurity - Our cybersecurity programs teach general web security as well as some basic penetration testing techniques to help understand operating systems and network security.

  • Python - Python is a general-purpose programming language that sees a lot of use in many areas from the web to scientific computing, machine learning, AI, as well as data science.

Our program schedule is always changing - be sure to check out our current offerings and reach out if you need help finding the right program for your student!