This article will explain how you can create a readme file attached to your project which you can use in creative ways to teach, demonstrate, or document your code.


  1. Navigate to the web or game project you would like to add a readme for. Click the Settings toggle in the upper right corner of the project page to view its settings.

    The Project Settings, Project Metadata, Project, and Project Preview sections of the Settings view.

  2. In the Settings view, scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll find a box titled “Project”. The text box accepts standard Markdown as input. Enter your Readme information here. A preview of your content will be displayed in the “Project Preview” box on the right.

    A short example of markdown code is displayed in the Project box on the left, and the result of that markdown code is shown in the Project Preview box on the right.

  3. Click the Save Changes button below the markdown. Now, when you click the Readme toggle in the upper right corner of the project page, you should see your readme appear. Note that clicking the Readme toggle will have no effect if project does not have a saved readme.

The Readme section with its placeholder text, as it appears to the left of the code editor and below the navigation bar in the online IDE.


Keep in mind that while users can clone a project that has a readme, updating the readme in the original project will not update the readme in the cloned project.